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Book your very special Sedona Vortex readings while I am there Sept. The famed vortexes of Sedona enhance and boost psychic and healing energies. All good things come in threes, Three wishes in Fairy Tales. The Holy Trinity. Buckminster Fuller used the triangle for the basis of his structures. Triangles are extremely strong.

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Can you ever get enuf of a good thing trine? Fire is Wands in the Tarot. Air is Swords in tarot. Earth Trines- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, adds practical, work, building, reality.

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Earth is disks, pentacles in the Tarot. You can be born with Trines and Grand Trines in your natal chart. T hey are not uncommon. As if the planets do it for you. NEVER take anything for granted.

Part 1: Are there PSYCHIC INDICATORS in Astrology?: Does everyone have psychic ability?

The astrology joke is the easy transits last a few days, the hard ones years. This is beautiful, bountiful soul ,wealth, sex, soul, wealth. Trines have narrow orbs so if you have planets, or angles at degrees EARTH- you are in their blessing zone. You would also call upon the specific governances. Jupiter- expansion, Saturn- responsibility, career, etc.

Use your own words. Your heart chakra, third eye and crown chakra.

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Meditate and see the chakras like flowers opening. Draw a triangle with the two or three or more of the planets involved on a piece of paper. Draw images of them.

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Be creative. Then thank them thrice, not twain. Seal the three points with a kiss. Three times a lady- Lionel Richie.

Having a sixteen year old daughter is such a blessing. Then she went on to read on her own. I loved it. Two teens who are dying of cancer fall in love. As illness and death for teens has never been dealt with before in a Y.

Lisa Williams (psychic): Astrological Article and Chart

It is witty, honest, intelligent and sugar coats nothing. His book is the counter-balance to the immortal Twilight love story. So I was curious to find out who John the author, funny man, self- hyper, educator is. So without further ado, lets find out the Fault or Faultlessness in his stars. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury -the swift footed courier message bringer of the Gods. Scorpio Ascendants are intense, powerful, mesmerizing, obsessive, strong willed, unafraid and love to explore taboo, dark, shadow subjects.

Psychic Ability Locations on Birth Map

Sexually magnetic, John can be an incredibly intense and willful person who must be in control, and who loves power. Mercury Retro especially in Virgo makes one extremely intelligent, an out of the box communicator. Mercury Retro peeps are very creative, Mercury is in its Feminine stage. Saturn is the father, serious, karmic, the architect, builder, tester, time, limitations, obstacles, tradition, history.

Saturn is where we are working the hardest, here its in the world fame house. Moon in Capricorn is emotionaly serious, usually rather reserved,conservative, traditional. He has a strong instinct for business, likes corporate structure, history, is patient.

Moon in Cap in 2nd is resources, money, income, assets. He is a rock, he is grounded, dependable and he honours the past. He has a strong understanding of the Feminine. Jupiter bestows good luck, fortune, travel, good humour, rules Publishing, foreign languages. John may love to eat or cook or both and has a sensitive stomach.

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Mars is always drive, ambition, war, defenses, action, sex, energy. I was analzying a quite few charts of the psychics I personally have known, and those that are famous and not surprisingly the 12th house is usually tenated but there are also other aspects that can mimick the 12th house spiritual realm.

The 12th house though is not always in play. Water is receptive and intuitive so it makes sense. The planets responsible for psychic gifts are the outer planets. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and are always prominant in the charts of those that are known to be psychic. The 12th house covers more than Psychics, such as mystics, seers and other metaphysical gifts but more commonly I have seen the 12th house activated with those that can see spirits, ghosts and are able to communicate with them.

This is also true for many that have their Moon in the 8th however, those tend to be darker spirits or the dead. The 8th and the 12th cover things from tarot, astrology, psychics, ghost hunters, dream interpretors, spiritual leaders, and a myriad of other spiritual gifts like telepathy, and the sensory gifts, clare audient, clarevoyant, claresentinence, empaths, and the multitude of other non-tangible gifts.

These houses are often activated, and I would even go as far as to say Saturn in the 8th can be very psychic and excellent Astrologers. This is likely because Saturn is the father of time, and so these individuals carry a sort of hang over of experience with esoteric or hidden sciences and the occult.

I would also say those with their South Node in the 8th do as well. Here are some of the aspects I found, it is not one aspect but a combination of them.