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Today is perfect for flirting, but only if you really want someone. You may find some insanely hot energy between you if you go looking for them only the night will tell what ends up happening.

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Some people can't let themselves react to their changing financial status, so they compensate in other ways. Overreacting may be a sign of leaner times. Be careful in social settings today. You know how to win children over indulge them.

The same is true for those under you, today. The trick is to let it seem like fun, while squeezing more work out of everyone. You may grow frustrated if you can't subdue your desires now, especially if they distract you from previous commitments. There are days when you industrious Goats can magically build the very same roads you travel on. However, today's energy is meant for exploring territories that are off the beaten track.

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Paradoxically, it might be prudent to meander around, knowing that you'll be back on the highway and heading toward your destination again before you know it. As Tolkien reminds us, "Not all those who wander are lost. You do a great job making other people feel special, but don't forgot to look after yourself, too. Take some time today to indulge yourself in a fun and relaxing way. Get a pedicure or a shoulder massage and feel your cares melting away.

Like any skill, dating takes practice and discipline. You might not be the master of your heart, but at least you're trying. Give yourself credit for taking a chance on love. Stay focused today luckily, that comes naturally to you, and your good energy makes it even easier. As long as you keep on top of everything, the fun stuff should be even sweeter.

They don't call reality harsh for nothing. Some people around you are in deep denial while others may be overreacting. The middle ground isn't any firmer, but it's your safest place to be. Children don't know how to discipline themselves; that's what parents are for. It shouldn't be like that at work, though.

Tell your colleagues to grow up, so you can all get more accomplished. Of course, you want to have your share of fun, but you can't ignore your long list of chores without dire consequences.

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Wrapping up old business needs to be your number one concern because new challenges are looming on the horizon. Good times will have to wait as sweet Venus brushes up against your ruling planet, stern Saturn. What does have in store for you?

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Talk with an expert psychic now to find out! Oct 08, - You will be looking for creating a sense of justice in the world over the next few weeks, Capricorn, and you will be looking at groups and friendships to accomplish those goals. This is due to the Venus in Scorpio transit in your eleventh house of groups and friendships. You can expect to make some career gains, but social circles can also help you to succeed in your quest for justice.

With Venus in Scorpio and in your eleventh house of groups and ideals, your ideals are going to come into laser focus for you over the next few weeks, Capricorn. This is a placement that is likely going to be connected directly to your work product, and you could even make some money through groups and friendships or network connections over the next few weeks. You will be very attracted to group situations, and how they can help you to accomplish and live up to your high standards and ideals. And you will be attractive to them too! When the 8 of Pentacles appears in your Tarot reading, the message is, all of your hard work is about to pay off.

This is a card of committed labour, a dedicated mindset to your ultimate goal. Onyx Known for its properties of encouragement, strength and protection, Onyx's primary chakra is the Root Chakra, which connects to our sense of safety, security and our physical identity or sense of self. The final round of Mercury madness AKA Mercury retrograde for is knocking at the door, and the retrograde officially kicks off October 31, lasting until November Of all the astrology signs, the Fire sign of Aries is the most hotheaded.

Greetings, Earthlings!

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